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Groupe Loukil

Founded in 1976 by Mr. Mohamed LOUKIL, today assisted by his sons, LOUKIL Holding has steadily grown to cover a variety of strategic sectors, ranging from agriculture to heavy industry, information and communication technologies, the environment, international trade, engineering, consulting and more.

Through a network of thirty companies, the Holding currently relies on about 4000 employees. The range of its business scope has gone well beyond Tunisian borders to include Europe, Morocco, Libya, Ivory Coast, Togo, etc…

Its presence at the international level reflects LOUKIL Holding's desire to share its know-how overseas, while offering high value-added services with full respect to human and environmental rights. By developing collaborations with world renowned partners, leaders of their own sectors, LOUKIL Holding has adopted a general policy aiming at integrating its companies within a well structured network working for the constant creation of value. As such, the Holding is the (exclusive or full) representative in Tunisia of the French company Citroën, the Japanese Kubota, Mazda, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Kawasaki, the Italian firms Same and Lombardini, the Turkish Cukurova, the German Deutz, the Taiwanese Acer, the South Korean Samsung …

Throughout this prospective vision, LOUKIL Holding is today among the 5 leading holdings in Tunisia and is looking forward to a brighter future with regard to its ability to adapt to economic conditions and to the technological revolution, based on its perseverance and perpetual search for competitiveness and new skills.

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